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Windblown Jackie is my greatest photograph. I’m obsessed with Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and I think the whole world is obsessed with her too!” Twenty-two years after her death, the fascination is still very much alive. Jackie would have been 87 years old on July 28th, 2016.

Jackie: My Obsession

Jackie: My Obsession

To commemorate Jackie’s birthday and to celebrate the launch of my new website, I’ve uploaded my latest video from my new series, The Stories Behind the Pictures titled, Windblown Jackie. Have a look, hope you enjoy it but the festivities do not stop here. I will be sending one lucky viewer a personally signed copy of my renowned book “Jackie my Obsession,” a $300.00 value! This 400-page gilded masterpiece features many never-before-published photos of the subject who is arguably the most famous woman in history and was truly my Mona Lisa.

To participate, leave a comment below (a maximum of two short paragraphs) best describing in your own words your thoughts on Jackie’s contribution(s) to our society and/or what you admired about her the most?

I will personally select one lucky visitor based on what I feel is the best written post. Only one entry per household. Comments must be submitted through my website, received by August 31st and I will blog the winner September 2, 2016. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for updates and additional announcements. Please click here to leave a comment. Ron



  • Holly Mc says:

    Jackie was like an abstract painting – seemingly straightforward, with an element of simplicity. Yet the really remarkable abstract artworks are enigmatic, usually through showing movement, the passage of time, technical precision and polish. The same can be said of the late Jackie. The poise, style, strength and grace we see in footage and photos of Jackie, were formed by her intelligence, restraint and consideration. Those who knew her, use similar adjectives to describe her.
    Jackie charmed the world through her genuine curiosity and interests. She immersed herself in adventures – always moving. Her creativity and commitment to good technique, showed in her personal pursuits such as painting or horseback riding. Her intelligence exhibited by sharing with the world her language skills, the importance of education and spearheading or collaborating on causes. She was known for her remarkable strength and restraint. These qualities were all reflected in her personal style.
    In a new era of flamboyant, excessive promotion or over-zealous need for attention by public figures, Jackie continues to stand out as a role model. Through her knowledge of art, she was aware of abstract qualities, their mystery and power. It’s easy to see why Jackie was a muse for the world.
    Good photography captures the ‘abstract’. If there is no ‘abstract’, a photo falls flat – like the atmosphere when something is missing. Part of Ron Galella’s legacy is recognizing some truly abstract moments during Jackie’s lifetime and recording them on film. He did the same for so many others. Thanks Ron!

  • Antonella Fantini says:

    Jacqueline Kennedy has been the brightest star of a starry era of hope, happiness and energy, the 60s.
    In her own, personal, original way, she embodied the face of a free, democratic country in years of social, political, cultural changes. Aware of being a major player on the world stage, a public icon, a role model, she infused elegant spirit, modern and traditional sensibilities in every aspect of her public and private life, contributing to the creation of the Kennedy mythology and to make the “Camelot years “an unforgettable part of American history.
    She has been the most followed, admired, photographed woman of every time, celebrated and adorered for her ineffable style, flawless class, exquisite taste.
    Encouraged by her father to be the best, raised to marry well by an ambitious mother, she was rigorous, studious,brainy,cultivated, abundatly gifted, talented,charismatic, always determined to carve out her own identity.
    Far from wanting public notice, from seeking approval, she had learnt from her father bitter life’s course that narcissism- vain, fruitless,self-referential- can easily take a turn for self ruin, talent on the contrary being the product of a superior, moral intelligence .
    As a mother she was generous and warm, focused on protecting her children, spending time with them,interesting them in literature, arts,poetry and getting out in nature with them.
    She was with her children when she died in her apartment in New York, overlooking Central Park, her place of heart, her magical childhood garden.

  • Sue Charlton says:

    I never met Jackie. As a six year old when President Kennedy was shot,I wrote a poem for my primary school magazine, this assassination moved me then, and I felt for her and what she must have felt. Over the years, not only an American politics follower, I have been a reader of a great many books on Kennedy, Onassis, and Jackie in her own right.

    What has touched me about Jackie, was a recent book on the trauma she experienced from the assassination and how that kind of ptsd was not on the diagnosis agenda in her day. That is quite shameful. I cannot imagine what it must have felt to have your husband by your side and see him die in such a cruel and traumatic way.

    Her son, John Jr captivated me with his publication George, and here in South Africa, I bought as many copies as I could.

    I thank who ever is up in the sky above, that Jackie was not around for his untimely death. Yet I wish she could see the growth of her daughter Caroline.

    As an amateur photographer who has followed you through the years since I was a teenager. Your photos of Jackie capture her intrinsic being. You are so fortunate to have had that opportunity. It will never ever present itself again.

  • Kiara Davey says:

    From the very first moment I set my eyes on Jackie I knew I had found my kindred spirit. That first photo was Ron Galella’s “Windblown Jackie.” I still remember that feeling of entrancement that has remained with me ever since. Jacqueline Kennedy has inspired me every day since I began to learn about her. From her love of art and excellence, her love of her family and determination in every facet of life to her great strength, Jackie is a source of inspiration to me. She never ceases to amaze me and I could never grow bored reading about her. Grief never overwhelmed her and she showed the world how to behave in times of crisis. I admire mostly, her chameleon attitude to life. This was a woman who had so many lives. From her childhood and debutante years to the young lady yearning for knowledge in Paris, to the beautiful Senate wife, then mother and First Lady. As widow she lived for her children, as she did for the remainder of her life but no more so than when she married Onassis, to protect them. As editor Jackie showed us all that once you put your mind to something, great things can happen. And then, as “Gran Jackie” she taught us the value of privacy and still showed her pride in her grandchildren. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis is my idol, someone I hope to emulate. She inspired my Instagram page “Elegance.Personified” and through that page I share my adoration with the world. To own this book written by someone who both knew and was as interested in her as I am would be a dream and I would love to own it more than anything.

  • Mary Kay Smith says:

    I was 10 years old on January 20, 1961. We were watching the inauguration on tv. We live in Iowa and we had a blizzard that day so school was called off. My mom had some magazines and newspaper articles on the Kennedy’s so I started a scrap book. I was hooked. I collected every magazine and news article I could get my hands on. They were a magical couple . Jackie was iconic I still love to read about her.

  • Deborah Dube says:

    Jackie was THE lady of culture, a lady of fashion that wore it as an art. . A woman brave enough to hold her graciousness in public even though she was torn by marital instabilities at home. She always looked her best which women admired about her.
    Jackie has proven that women over 40 are not worthless when establishing a career. I am 62 and she gives me inspiration for my next chapter in life. A photographer. Women that knew of Jackie O still miss her today. Who can say that about any First Lady

    A little foot note: When I was young, everyone said my mother looked like her. That was an exciting experience.

  • Paula Heflin says:

    I wasn’t lucky to have met her or experience any life changing event I remember as a child when I heard or seen her on TV how beautiful and elegant she appeared to be and when that dreadful day in Dallas how brave , composed. Life had to go on she did that for her children and her She was something about her that you just couldn’t get enough of. How she held up to all the rumors of her husband She held her own From what I’ve read she was a survivor Determined to make her way

    Thank you for sharing,

  • Lisa Geller says:

    Jackie was the definition of class and style. I have always admired her. She lived her life on her terms, was a lover of art, books, beauty, charitable works. And while living her life in the public eyes, through tragedy and triumph she raised two spectacular children. She had it all. I was lucky enough to see her in person at the Kennedy Tennis Tournament that was held each year in Forest Hills for charity. I only wish she were still with us. Her legacy will live on.

  • Sara Obal says:

    Rodin would have felt inspired by Jackie while he was working in one of his materpieces: “Eternal Spring”.

  • I personally Knew Mrs. Onassis the last 15 years of her life….She adored my Folk Art and purchased a great deal of it over that period of time…During that time I was invited to Bernardsville, NJ , 1040 Fifth Avenue, and Red Gate Farm on Martha’s Vineyard….Jackie was an amazing individual and loved to spend long periods talking and finding out about Not only My art, but others I knew…She was a warm, compassionate and funny person….John Kenned Jr. once told me that ” Mummy” loves those big glasses because she herself was a people watcher, and when wearing them, she could look at others without them noticing that she was looking..She also had a telescope in her living room at 1040 because she loved people watching in Central Park, directly across 5th Avenue from her Apt…..Jackie’s contribution to the American scene was something we will never see again for a very long time…She showed us dignity and Grace during those 4 days in Nov. of 1963, she raised 2 magnificent Children with respect being their middle names, She worked tirelessly to save historic dwellings in NYC including Grand Central Terminal, and then became a loving ” Grand Jackie” to her Grandchildren….She stood the face of time, and never asked for anything in return…And then when it was her time to say good-bye, once again she stood tall and taught us the meaning of living ones final days with another batch of her famous dignity….I always believed from my heart of hearts that Jackie enjoyed seeing herself in Photo’s, and Ron Galella, you were the one who allowed all the world to see Jackie during regular moments in life …Your Photo’s are the Biography she never wanted to write, your photos keep Jackie alive for all to enjoy….Thank you so much for this amazing gift you gave to America and the world…God Bless My friend.

  • Joni Borger says:

    Jackie! Jackie has been my obsession since I was 8 years old. I have saved every magazine, clipped every newspaper article/photo, bought every book, made pilgrimages to Arlington and tried to catch a glimpse of her. My dad used ro joke that we went to JFK’s grave more often than Jackie did. I pored over the auction catalogue made absentee bids, cried that I didn’t win any of the items. I wear reproductions of her jewelry and Joy perfume, walked past her homes in Georgetown, toured the White House, went to Dallas, got close to Camp David. She opened up a bit right after the assassination then closed up again like a clam. You brought her to us up close and personal. She took you to court and won. But not before you gave us so many wonderful glimpses into her life! Thank you!

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