My Memory of John Kennedy Jr. (John’s plane crashed this month 17 years ago) while on assignment with Ron.

By July 13, 2016 July 20th, 2016 Blog

As the Agency Director for Ron Galella, Ltd. in the ‘70’s & ‘80’s I was quite lucky to be at the right place at the right time, as this was Ron’s heyday, his golden years of shooting. Occasionally Ron would invite me to cover events with him, especially if he knew it was a celebrity or celebrities I admired. One particular evening, we were looking for Jackie, near her home on Fifth Avenue. If you were fortunate enough to shoot or partner up with Ron for an evening, you quickly realized his skills were razor sharp and within a blink of an eye he would spot a celebrity no matter how far away they were and it would happen so fast, you as a pro or fan could miss the opportunity.

While walking along 5th Avenue a cool summer night, Central Park to our right, Ron and I were chatting about the likelihood we missed Jackie. Then, all of a sudden I heard Ron shouting to someone across the street, “Hey John, its Ron Galella, how about a few photos tonight?” My jaw drops as I realize John Kennedy, Jr. is right across the street! John replies, “Not tonight Ron.” I can’t believe it! I ask Ron to confirm, “Was that really John?” Ron says “Yes, but no photos of him tonight, he doesn’t want it.” And that’s when I found out Ron Galella was different from the other photographers; he let John Jr. be, honored his request, even if it meant he didn’t get the shot.
Photo credit: Ron Galella, Ltd.

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