Windblown Jackie by Ron Galella

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Windblown Jackie selected for Time’s 100 most influential images of all time.

I am so proud and honored that my work was selected and chosen! Thanks TIME – Ron Galella and Staff.

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RocknRoll-CoversPROOF5-8292016 (1)-1Inspired by the recent losses of David Bowie and Prince, two of the world’s most beloved and legendary musicians—and two of Ron Galella’s most favorite subjects to photograph—the paparazzo superstar was compelled to create “Rock & Roll”, an encore follow-up to his exhaustive 3-volume pictorial encyclopedia of music, “Pop, Rock & Dance” (Ron Galella, Ltd., 2013).

Here, however, Galella separates the wheat from the chaff and showcases for the reader a curated selection of his favorite rock acts and their photos, making for a fast-paced compilation, featuring the best of the best in rock music spanning the 1960s through today.

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Jackie My Obsession – AND THE WINNER IS!

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On behalf of the Staff at Ron Galella Ltd. and my wife Betty, I am pleased to announce the WINNER of the “Jackie My Obsession” signed book promotion is: Mr. Rich Connolly.

RG BooksThis was a tough choice for us amongst all the entrants, but after much review Rich’s comments, funny anecdotes and personal insights​ about Jackie were pure enjoyment to read and will remain on our blog on the Jackie My Obsession page.

Many thanks to all those who participated in this promotion with us and of course all our loyal fans and visitors to the website and our growing audience in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

Stayed tuned everybody and keep reading and checking these sites over the next several months for more news, updates and maybe even a sneak peak at a new book I’m working on slated for release in the late Fall.

Regards, Ron

Jackie My Obsession

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Windblown Jackie is my greatest photograph. I’m obsessed with Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and I think the whole world is obsessed with her too!” Twenty-two years after her death, the fascination is still very much alive. Jackie would have been 87 years old on July 28th, 2016.

Jackie: My Obsession

Jackie: My Obsession

To commemorate Jackie’s birthday and to celebrate the launch of my new website, I’ve uploaded my latest video from my new series, The Stories Behind the Pictures titled, Windblown Jackie. Have a look, hope you enjoy it but the festivities do not stop here. I will be sending one lucky viewer a personally signed copy of my renowned book “Jackie my Obsession,” a $300.00 value! This 400-page gilded masterpiece features many never-before-published photos of the subject who is arguably the most famous woman in history and was truly my Mona Lisa.

To participate, leave a comment below (a maximum of two short paragraphs) best describing in your own words your thoughts on Jackie’s contribution(s) to our society and/or what you admired about her the most?

I will personally select one lucky visitor based on what I feel is the best written post. Only one entry per household. Comments must be submitted through my website, received by August 31st and I will blog the winner September 2, 2016. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for updates and additional announcements. Please click here to leave a comment. Ron


My Adventures with Robert Redford

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Redford Robertson Pollack

02.21.75: NYC, NY Filming “Three Days of the Condor” Robert Redford with Cliff Robertson & Sidney Pollack

In January of 2010, the documentary, Smash His Camera, was featured at Redford’s Sundance Film Festival, where director Leon Gast won the Best Director award. My wife Betty and I were invited to promote the film and attend the screening. At the beginning of the festival, I missed a photo-op with Redford, as I’d arrived one day too late. Redford held a press conference, and Redford stand in RG 3 Days Condor RGan AP reporter asked, “What about Ron Galella?” Redford replied, “Which story do you want?” He then went on to tell the story about the day he foiled me with his stand-in double. It was his last day of shooting for Three Days of the Condor on West Forty-third Street in front of the New York Times building. At the same time, NBC was doing a piece on me photographing Redford. He sneaked into his trailer via the NY Times Building. He then send out his stand-in, whom I believed was Redford, so I started following him around and photographing him. All the while, the real Redford sneaked out of his trailer wearing an Afro wig and mustache. It was one-up for Redford!SBtP_Front Cover low Res

I’ve photographed Robert’s career for nearly 50 years. From Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid through All The President’s Men & The Sting, Redford’s growth from a budding young actor into a Hollywood heavyweight. Robert Redford turns 80 on August 18, 2016.


Natalie Wood

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Ron Galella remembers Natalie Wood, from his book, “The Stories Behind the Pictures
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I knocked on the door of Natalie Wood’s Beverly Hills home in April of 1968 and Natalie opened the door, welcoming me with a warm hello, saying, “I’ll be ready in five minutes.” After taking a couple of shots of her at her front door, Natalie invited me along for an afternoon of shopping on Rodeo Drive in her convertible. Not fully matured as a paparazzo, and without a developed technique, my shyness got the best of me and I turned Natalie down.
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My Memory of John Kennedy Jr. (John’s plane crashed this month 17 years ago) while on assignment with Ron.

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As the Agency Director for Ron Galella, Ltd. in the ‘70’s & ‘80’s I was quite lucky to be at the right place at the right time, as this was Ron’s heyday, his golden years of shooting. Occasionally Ron would invite me to cover events with him, especially if he knew it was a celebrity or celebrities I admired. One particular evening, we were looking for Jackie, near her home on Fifth Avenue. If you were fortunate enough to shoot or partner up with Ron for an evening, you quickly realized his skills were razor sharp and within a blink of an eye he would spot a celebrity no matter how far away they were and it would happen so fast, you as a pro or fan could miss the opportunity.

While walking along 5th Avenue a cool summer night, Central Park to our right, Ron and I were chatting about the likelihood we missed Jackie. Then, all of a sudden I heard Ron shouting to someone across the street, “Hey John, its Ron Galella, how about a few photos tonight?” My jaw drops as I realize John Kennedy, Jr. is right across the street! John replies, “Not tonight Ron.” I can’t believe it! I ask Ron to confirm, “Was that really John?” Ron says “Yes, but no photos of him tonight, he doesn’t want it.” And that’s when I found out Ron Galella was different from the other photographers; he let John Jr. be, honored his request, even if it meant he didn’t get the shot.
Photo credit: Ron Galella, Ltd.

JFK Time 105418015
If you have a memory you would like to share, please post it!


Photographer Richard Barnes Recalls Meeting Ron Galella in 1978

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Ron receives fan mail everyday including heartwarming stories from photographers recalling how they became interested in photography. Here is photographer Richard Barnes’ recollection of meeting Ron at the age of 16 and how Ron influenced his life decision to become a photographer:

I was just emailing an old friend of mine the story of how I started off as a photographer way back in 1978 when I was just 16 years old and how meeting Ron was a turning point. I just thought I’d forward this along to you….

It was Summer of 1978. I was in Ocean City New Jersey. Princess Caroline of Monaco had just gotten married and was on her honeymoon in – Tahiti? I think – and on her way home was going to stop in Ocean City to visit her mother (Princess Grace) at their family beach home . Mind you, this is not the Hamptons, this is a small, very populated little town. I was 16. Every day I peddled my bike from 59th street to 27th street hoping for a glimpse of the Royal Family, but alas, nothing.

Finally, on the last day, I arrive to find about 20 + members of the press there waiting, because this is the day Caroline and her new husband are arriving. As I wait I am befriended by Ron Galella! We sit and talk, and he gives me some tips and even buys me an ice cream.

Then the garage doors open and a black Mercedes with tinted windows backs out and zooms away, and all the press jump in their cars and give chase. I am left alone. A boy and his bike. And his Canon TX 🙂

A few minutes later the front door of the house opens and Jack Kelly, Graces brother steps out, and he looks around and then to me he says ” are you press? “. I say ” No….I’m just on vacation and was hoping to see the Royal Family”. He says “Come with me,” and brings me in the house and around back to the patio, where the entire Royal Family is sitting and talking. He says ” this is Rich, he’s OK” he’s just going to take some pictures” and leaves me in the midst of everyone.

I shoot a little, talk a little (I still can hear HSH Princess Grace saying “please…..I’m not at my best” as she sat there in her bathing suit )….and when I’m done, I emerge from the house back to out front where the press – now realizing that they were led away by a decoy car!…surrounds me and is interested in buying my film. Unfortunately I’m shooting color and in those days there were no 1 hour color labs, so I’m out of luck.
Ron Galella pulls me aside and says “kid, if you were shooting BW, you’d be rich !”…..and there’s when my career as a photographer starts officially.
Richard Barnes Princess Grace

The Stories Behind The Pictures

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A picture can say a thousand words – and a photograph can read like a story. Our latest book “The Stories Behind The Pictures” tells the stories behind some of the most recognizable images of Ron’s 50-year career in photojournalism. RonTo accompany the new book, we are releasing a series of video shorts, focusing on the most iconic photos of some of the biggest names. Jacqueline Onassis, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, David Bowie, Steve McQueen and Bob Dylan.

The first video focuses on Ron’s encounter with the world famous and reclusive actor Marlon Brando – an encounter that ultimately led to a broken jaw, a lawsuit and a forty-thousand-dollar settlement.

You can catch the first installment here.