Andy Warhol – The Bronx Zoo

For years, Betty and I worked hard, nonstop. We needed a break. Betty had always wanted to go to the Bronx Zoo. So we hopped in the car one Sunday afternoon and headed to the world’s largest metropolitan zoo. Once in the park, we were about to take the safari train ride, hoping to enjoy a relaxing jaunt through the wildlife, when I spotted pop artist Andy Warhol on the same train! This train, which traveled all the way through the crowded park, ended up drawing more stares and responses than did the exotic species housed in the famous zoo.

As soon as the ride was over, we greeted Andy. He let me know that this was his first visit to the zoo and happily posed for me in front of the elephant cage. Since Andy and his good friend, John Gould, VP of Communications at Paramount Pictures, had taken a cab to the zoo, Betty and I ended up giving Andy and John a ride to the Grand Concourse subway station.