"When we study history, it is either done from reading about it, or viewing photos from a particular time. Ron Galella’s lifetime of photographing the most iconic people in politics, entertainment, boxing, music, and society, is nothing short of legendary. It is a treat to be able to view his catalogue of some of the world’s most iconic photos. Before we even knew what a paparazzi was, Ron was everywhere, working to get that one priceless shot, regardless what he had to do to get it. I strongly recommend connecting with one of America’s most celebrated photographers, Ron Galella."

 -Sheldon Kahan

Lenny Kravitz

"People Magazine" and "The Hollywood Reporter"
"I was inspired by Ron Galella's unique off-guard style of photography and I was very much inspired by this book of Studio 54 photographs, all those wonderful shots of the New York nightlife and so I wanted it to be natural lighting, inside, in the dark, with a flash. What I love about those shots is you had all of these very interesting people gathering from street culture – socialites, artists, actors, actresses, musicians – and he captured everything with his camera and flash.”

Tom Ford

“The Photographs of Ron Galella,” introduction
The images Galella captured in the throw-away moments between the main events often became iconic. It is the spontaneity of these photographs, the fact that his subjects were caught off guard in an instant of life that makes them timeless, and yet so much about their time.”

Diane Keaton

“The Photographs of Ron Galella,” preface
"In the end, I am glad to be among The Dean's (Galella) cavalcade of celebrities, not just for the recognition value, which I can't deny I once pursued with a relish I am ashamed of, but also because of the education he has given me. Ron Galella's photographs are devoid of place, but enriched by the character of fame. Fame, that hollow calling to many, encountered by few. Ron Galella has given us the true landscape of celebrity in the faces of the eminently watchable, not so mysterious, victims of Narcissus' kiss."

Glenn Bleverio

“Warhol by Galella: That’s Great!,” preface
” Here’s a guy who operates under combat conditions with random light, peril-fraught access, a tiny window of opportunity, no cooperation—with everyone working to stop him. To produce great pictures like that is an artistic achievement. Warhol mentions a coked-up dinner party by Milan, the party giver, at Tuileries. The high celebs in attendance worried about “millions” of photographers outside. “They…spent about two hours deciding how to get out of the place,” Andy wrote, “and it was just Ron Galella!”

Matthias Harder – Helmut Newton Foundation

"Jackie My Obsession," foreward
"For decades he came face to face with nearly everyone in American popular culture, and in the process obtained nearly the same degree of fame as the stars portrayed. In the 60's and 70's the "classical" paparazzi, era was less shameless and less overt than it is today. Compared to the abrasive methods of present-day paparazzi, Ron Galella's tactics were almost gentlemanlike."

Michael Musto

"Disco Years," foreward
"Ron doesn't specialize in those look-at-the-camera-and-smile shots that add nothing to the culture. His pictures reveal something, hinting at the pathos behind the glamour and vice versa, while mining the real relationships between celebrities and the lens (and each other). He's too interested in capturing star wattage at its most effortless elegance."
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