Costume Galas and Parties 1967 – 2019


Join Galella as he showcases the most iconic images from the last five decades of the MET’s galas and parties.

Published: 2019

Since its inception the MET Gala has been the most exclusive and glamorous event in the fashion calendar. The annual fundraising event brings together the epitome of fashion and high society while the glitz and glamour of the red carpet lure the who’s who of celebrity culture from around the world. Hundreds of photographers flock to cover “New York’s Party Of The Year”, but only one photographer has captured all the gala moments from its’ very early days to the present time…as expressly as Ron Galella.

Since 1967 Galella has been an overwhelming presence at the MET’s fashion scene photographing the world’s most important designers, models and stars – Halston, Crawford, de la Renta, Cher, Lagerfeld, Berenson, Madonna, von Furstenberg, Moss, Yves St. Laurent, Kardashian, Valentino,  – they all passed through Galella’s lens and with the click of his shutter were shared worldwide through countless media outlets.

In “Costume Galas and Parties: 1967 – 2019, The Metropolitan Museum of Art”, Galella defines an evolution of fashion through the institute’s yearly theme. But not all those lucky enough to be invited came dressed in extravagant fashion costumes, choosing instead to come dressed in throwbacks from previous decades or that year’s fashion trends.

Published: 2019

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